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Door-to-Door Appeals

Appeals take place in cities across the UK. Each appeal lasts for six weeks. Volunteer fundraisers are recruited from the Buddhist community and live together in a rented house. The structure and atmosphere of an Appeal is similar to a retreat, in that there is a programme of meditation practice and the fundraising training is underpinned with a Buddhist perspective.

The fundraising takes place on weekday evenings: travelling to selected residential areas and calling on householders, giving them a booklet if they are interested and returning later to see if they want to donate to Karuna with a Direct Debit. There is a support package to allow fundraisers to cover their costs in doing the Appeal.

The heart of a Karuna Appeal is the Bodhisattva Ideal - the movement of Buddhist practice and values out from the meditation cushion into the world. Everything about a Karuna Appeal is aimed at helping fundraisers to explore how they relate and form connections with people. This is not about tricks or manipulation but rather about what goes ‘weird’ between people when there is no ‘click’ and learning how to respond anew to habitual patterns.

A meeting with a Karuna trained fundraiser will then hopefully be a pleasant encounter that inspires trust and interest. In this way the prospective supporter, in meeting the fundraiser is also making a connection through them with the work of Karuna in India.

For more information please contact or call us in the office on 0207 700 3434

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