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What's it like on a Karuna telephone appeal?

Get an insight into what goes on during a Karuna telephone appeal. Thanks to everyone involved in the 2016 campaign.


Who inspires Appeal Leader, Sanghanath?

In this inspiring talk during Buddhafield 2016, Sanghanath reflects on the qualities of 3 people who inspire him day to day and when fundraising for Karuna Trust.


Phone Campaign Karuna 2015

In Spring of 2015 a team of volunteers spent six weeks at Karuna Trust Office in London giving the opportunity to the supporters to increase their donations for some of the poorest people in India.


A Women’s Karuna Appeal in Manchester

In summer 2014 a team of women spent six weeks knocking on doors in Manchester, UK to raise money for the Karuna Trust, helping some of the poorest people in India.


Why we knock on doors

A presentation given by Karuna fundraisers on 24 May at the 2014 Triratna International Retreat held at Adhisthana.


Karuna: fundraising for India

This 6-minute video from Clear Vision follows a team of Buddhist fundraisers raising money for social projects in India.


On the Threshold

On the Threshold explores taking Buddhist practice out into the world - fundraising door-to-door with Karuna Trust appeals.


Big Sister

Big Sister is an intimate documentary about five women and their stuggles, laughter and learning on a door-knocking Appeal in London.


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