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Financial Support

Phone Campaigns

We offer financial support to enable people to participate in a Karuna Telephone Campaign please do let us know what your financial needs us and we can talk this through. Please call Nisha on 0207 700 3434 or email

Six Week Door-to-Door Appeals

The support package is intended to ensure that volunteering for a Karuna appeal does not upset your finances. There are two support packages listed below to illustrate what is possible, although some people take less or nothing and others are welcome to discuss an increase. There is also a retreat allowance.

Package 1 (for those in the UK and Ireland):

Up to £250 per week to cover rent and bills incurred ‘back home’ while on the Appeal and travel to and from the Appeal. This includes a £70 per week allowance (from which one makes a contribution to the Appeal food kitty).

Package 2 (for those from overseas):

Up to £600 towards a return flight to the UK, internal UK travel to and from the Appeal, £70 per week (from which one makes a contribution to the food kitty).

Retreat Allowance:

On completion of an Appeal there is a 7 day retreat allowance for use in any UK Triratna retreat centre.

There are obviously costs incurred in running an Appeal (mainly the community house rent and the trainers' support) which we try to keep as low as possible so that more of the money raised can go to India. However there is the saying, “it costs money to make money” and given that the average fundraiser will in six weeks raise standing orders worth £270 per month, which over five years is £16,200, Karuna is able to cost effectively provide a basic support package to fundraisers so as to make it possible for them to do an Appeal.

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