Telephone Appeals

Telephone Appeals

6 week Team Based Right
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Once a year, a six person, mixed team of volunteers contact our donors by telephone. We take this opportunity to thank our our supporters, make sure that they are happy with the work we are doing and explore whether they would be willing to give additional support to help out project partners reach more people. 

Lasting six weeks, the appeal is non-residential, which means the team work and practice together on zoom in the afternoon and early evenings.

These telephone appeal provides a fantastic opportunity to give something back to those in need, while connecting with other volunteers and supporters.


What’s it like on a Karuna telephone appeal?

Get an insight into what goes on during a Karuna telephone appeal. Thanks to everyone involved in the 2016 campaign.

Challenging themselves over 6 weeks, these volunteers were able to connect with Karuna donors – and each other – in a telephone campaign. As a team, they raised over £20,000 in new regular yearly income.  

If you don’t feel a telephone appeal is for you but feel committed to our cause maybe you would consider taking part in a Door to Door Appeal?

Find out about the financial support we offer and other frequently asked questions

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In six weeks I have been propelled from the meditation cushion onto a whole new level of buddhist practice in my daily life.



Telephone Appeals 2022

Telephone Appeals

Phone appeal 27th May to 12th July / Sanghamani ( online) 

Calling existing and former Karuna donors as a part of a Buddhist team, you will develop communication skills whilst raising donations for India! Based in your own home – online training and mentoring, Monday to Friday, 2.30 – 8.30pm.


Would you like to speak to Sanghamani about doing a phone appeal?

I’m Sanghamani and I lead the Telephone campaigns. They’re a fantastic opportunity because they create such a tangible sense of team. There’s something about working alongside each other in this way, night after night that supports the journey of connection needed to speak with our wonderful supporters. Please do get in touch if you’re interested and I can answer your questions.


All the essential need to know information

Financial Support

Karuna provides a realistic support package to residents of the UK and Ireland. This is designed to cover your basic living expenditure. We also offer a similar support package to overseas volunteers.


Up to £250 per week to cover rent and bills incurred whilst on the appeal.


Currently phone appeals are non-residential and you’ll be making calls from your own home. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to join a phone appeal from outside the UK.


On completion of the appeal we offer a 7 day retreat allowance (up to £280) for use in any Triratna retreat centre.


Looking through the telescope of worldwide media at the bigger picture and asking ‘Can we really eradicate poverty?’, may lead to feeling overwhelmed and without any significant influence, which in turn can lead to feeling defeated or cynical. However, turning the telescope around we see the children in the kindergarten and hostel, and the grandmother in the women’s literacy class. To them these projects are making a real and lasting difference. In changing one life you are also changing the whole world for that person.
This is a concern for a lot of people coming on Appeal and responses to it are explored through the training. Asking for money can bring up issues around our own worth and fears of rejection. Within the context of having built up some rapport with the householder and having given them a booklet to read about Karuna, you will learn how to mention money in such a way as to give the householder a free choice.

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch.


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